Interview with Ludwig van den Berghe
Chair of the ESTRO 2023 Radiation TherapisT (RTT) Track
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Which topics received the largest number of abstracts?

The largest number of abstracts that were received in the radiation therapists (RTTs) track concerned the areas of Patient care, preparation, immobilisation and IGRT verification protocols.

Can you highlight any emerging or innovative trends in research?

Innovation and research by RTTs can be found in the refinement of their daily practice and in the expanded role they are increasingly taking. Daily practice is characterised by the further roll-out of image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) protocols, the use of surface-guided radiotherapy and the introduction of artificial intelligence, adaptive radiotherapy including the Ethos system, and increasing numbers of MRI linear accelerators. These changes have modified the role of RTTs in terms of treatment, and at the same time, they are taking on a much more extensive role in the complete care of the patient and his/her family. A lot of research is happening related to this latter topic. All these aspects will be presented at the sessions of the RTT track.

Why should radiation therapists not miss ESTRO 2023?

The RTT track will be focused on the important parts of the daily performance of our job (such as immobilisation, patient positioning, IGRT, new techniques and the expanded role of the RTT). We have built the programme around these themes. A mix of young and more experienced speakers, from all over the world, have been asked to give talks on these topics. Components related to innovation and research have been included too. We are looking forward to the debate on the topic 'Evolution in the RTT's professional development'. The symposium on the role of RTTs in the translation of science to clinical practice also promises to be worthwhile. Just come along, listen and participate!

What makes this track so special according to you?

The RTT track is focused on our important roles as RTTs and on who we are as people linking to our patients. This probably has to do with my nursing background. Care, giving care and aspects related to this topic are very important to me as I practise my profession. This is why our track is so valuable and why many colleagues can relate and listen to, and interact with, our sessions.


Ludwig van den Berghe
Chair of the Radiation Therapist (RTT) Track

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