Embracing a Radiant Future: Leading the ESTRO Radiation Therapist Committee across New Horizons

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It is with great enthusiasm that I take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new chair of the ESTRO radiation therapist committee (RTTC). I took over the position from Philip Scherer (Austria) after ESTRO 2023. I would like to take a moment to say a massive thank you to Philip for his leadership and for bringing an era of growth and fresh opportunities to the RTTC, especially through the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Welcome to our new RTTC members Siret Kivistik (Estonia) and Paolo Brossa (Italy), and new RTTC observers Celeste Oliveira (Portugal) and Pia Krause (Denmark)! We are grateful and excited to have Siret/Paolo/Celeste/Pia join the committee and bring their unique talents, expertise and perspectives to it. I look forward to working with them.

To our current RTTC members: Ingrid Kristensen (Sweden), Isabel Lobato (Portugal), Bernd Wisgrill (Austria), Maeve Kerney (Ireland), Márton Vékás (Hungary), Monica Buijs (The Netherlands), Rita Simoes (UK), Sophie Boisbouvier (France), Ilija Curic (Serbia), Ludwig Van den Berghe (Belgium), Elizabeth Forde (Ireland) and Sophie Perryck (Switzerland), I offer a thank you for all the time, talent and hard work you dedicate to the RTTC and ESTRO, especially during the unprecedented past few years, during which the challenges faced by our committee needed to be met with creativity and strategic support in a new paradigm.

I was in awe of how, even if just virtually, the RTTC found ways to promote and foster support in the broad ESTRO community for our profession. I know that RTTC members wear other leadership hats in our community and spend countless hours volunteering, and I appreciate your efforts and support within ESTRO! I look forward to seeing the RTTC reach out to expand our imprint on our radiation oncology community this year. As we stand at the crossroads of transformative advances in radiation therapy, I am both honoured and excited to lead this esteemed committee into a future that brims with promise and innovation.

My vision for the committee is one of inclusivity and engagement. Together, we will explore new horizons in patient care, research and education. By facilitating open dialogue, workshops and interdisciplinary collaboration, we will harness the collective expertise of our diverse membership to overcome challenges and to seize opportunities that lie ahead.

Furthermore, I am dedicated to advancing RTT professional development and advocating for the recognition of RTTs as indispensable members of the interdisciplinary radiation oncology team. Through the newly established ESTRO focus groups, the RTT subgroup of the guidelines committee, RTT workshops, mentorship initiatives and active participation at international forums, we will amplify our voices and ensure that the invaluable contributions of RTTs are acknowledged on a global scale.

For years, our RTT profession has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of countless individuals through the power of radiation therapy, and the impact we have on patients' journeys is immeasurable. In the coming years, we will witness the convergence of cutting-edge technologies, novel treatment approaches, and a deepened understanding of the biological underpinnings of cancer. It is essential that we are committed to fostering an environment of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and skills development that will empower each of us to embrace these changes confidently.

As we embark on this journey together, I invite you all to share your ideas, insights and aspirations with the RTTC by contacting us at rtt@estro.org. Let us work hand-in-hand to elevate the RTT profession and redefine the boundaries of what is achievable in radiation therapy. The future is bright, and with your unwavering support, I am confident that we will usher in an era of unparalleled progress and impact!







Yat Man Tsang

Chair of ESTRO radiation therapist committee

Director of Radiation Therapy

Radiation Medicine Program

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Toronto, Canada

Associate professor, Department of Radiation Oncology

University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada


Share your ideas and suggestions with the RTT Committee at rtt@estro.org