ESTRO RTT alliance: a growing platform - PDF Version

The radiation therapist alliance (RTT alliance) of the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) was launched in 2017 in order to improve both the representation of RTT professionals in Europe and the recognition of their role in the treatment of cancer patients.

Today, the RTT alliance offers a platform through which RTTs can network, cross-fertilisation of learning and ideas are promoted, and a united critical mass is formed of RTTs with common interests. With the pioneering experience of ESTRO as the radiation oncology leader in Europe and the support of the RTT committee, the RTT alliance acts as a think-tank for exchanges, discussions, identification of common issues and dissemination of projects that are of interest to all.

The elected representatives of the alliance for 2021-2024 are Ludwig Van Den Berghe ( from the association of radiotherapy and oncology nurses (VVRO), Belgium) and Ilija Curic (of the Serbian Society of Radiotherapy Technicians (SSRTT)). The RTT alliance organises two online meetings per year with representatives of national societies and one live meeting during the ESTRO annual congress. The online meetings involve presentations of updates on the RTT alliance and the ESTRO RTT community, feedback from national societies on their projects and activities, and questions of interest to the RTT community.

RTT alliance in figures

  • Growth of the RTT alliance since its inception in 2017


  • Growth of alliance membership as a proportion of ESTRO RTT numbers to reach more than 50% in 2022


  • Current national society members of the alliance (20 European (green) and four non-European (blue)).


The detailed list of national society members can be found HERE.

Benefits of linkage to the RTT alliance

All national societies that join the RTT alliance benefit from having:

  • a united voice of RTTs with common interests;
  • the possibility of involvement in the ESTRO governance structure;
  • invitations to the RTT alliance meet & greet sessions;
  • a dedicated alliance corner within the RTT section of the ESTRO newsletter;
  • a dedicated RTT alliance webpage;
  • free access as exhibitors to the communities pavilion during the ESTRO annual congress; and
  • free online job postings on the ESTRO website.

In addition, RTT members of those national societies which are part of the alliance can become individual members of the RTT alliance. For €15 per year, they have access to the following package of tools to support their career development:


For more details on how to join the RTT alliance, contact

Visibility provided to your national society

The RTT alliance has a dedicated webpage on the ESTRO website. In addition, all national society members are invited to promote the RTT alliance and RTT committee work via their web and social pages. We also remind all RTT national societies that they can provide us with articles about their work and annual plans of activities, for publication in the RTT corner of the ESTRO newsletter. Articles can be sent to


Ilija Curic
Head RTT of Dosimetry Section,
Department of Medical Physics,
Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia Belgrade
President of Serbian Society of RTT,
Belgrade, Serbia


Ludwig ven den Berghe
Head RTTs University Hospital Ghent
Ghent, Belgium