ESTRO RTT Alliance 2021 election results - PDF Version

The RTT Alliance of the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) aims to strengthen the voice of Radiation TherapisTs (RTTs) at international level and it plays an important role in the improvement of recognition and professional development of RTTs across Europe. The ESTRO RTT Alliance offers a platform for RTTs within national societies to network and to share information and best practice between societies and to access the ESTRO scientific and educational network. The alliance wants to promote cross-fertilisation of learning and ideas and to form a critical mass of RTTs with common interests.

Information on how to join the RTT Alliance can be found at the part of the website entitled ESTRO - RTT Alliance membership.

The candidates who run for the positions of RTT Alliance representative are supported by their RTT national societies and are then elected by eligible ESTRO RTT members. The elected candidates take up seats on the ESTRO RTT Committee, to better represent the needs of the RTT Alliance.

The second ESTRO RTT Alliance elections ran from 15 February to 9 March, 2021. Of the 291 RTT members who were eligible to vote, 101 voters submitted a ballot (34.7%).

The new RTT Alliance representatives who will join the ESTRO RTT Committee for three-year terms are:


Ludwig VAN DEN BERGHE of the Association of Nurses working in Radiotherapy and Oncology in Flanders (Belgium).  Ludwig was elected for a second term with 24.75% of the total ballots cast.


Ilija CURIC of the Serbian Society of Radiotherapy Technicians.  Ilija was elected with 20.79% of the total ballots.

Ludwig Van den Berghe and Ilija Curic will officially take office at the General Assembly at ESTRO 2021 in Madrid, Spain.

ESTRO thanks the following candidates for having offered themselves as candidates in the elections. This was a reflection of their willingness to serve the Society:

Evelin HAIMBURGER - Austrian Society of Radiological Technologists
Filipe Cidade de Moura - Portuguese Association of Radiation Therapists
Siret Kivistik - Estonian Society of Radiographers
Theresa O Donovan - Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy
Vedran Manestar - Croatian Association of Radiation Technologist

The ESTRO RTT Committee expresses ESTRO’s deep gratitude to Filipe Cidade de Moura as outgoing RTT Alliance representative and ESTRO RTT Committee member from 2018 to 2021. Filipe will be remembered for his deep commitment during his time of service. We look forward to his continuous engagement with the Society.

Last but not least, ESTRO thanks all those who voted in these elections.

We also invite you to find out more about the expectations of the elected representatives and experiences of one to serve a second term:

Ilija CURIC >>