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To boost the visibility and engagement around Physics & Imaging in Radiation Oncology (phiRO) publications, the phiRO journal will start using Twitter from November 2020!

The aim of this initiative is to create an arena for scientific discussions and post-publication reviews, on recent articles published in phiRO. Additionally, the account will be used to inform on future thematic issues of the journal and relevant events, such as the ESTRO physics workshop: Science in development.

Twitter is a platform where science can be communicated directly to scientists and to the public. We look forward to using Twitter as a tool to increase readership, discussion and engagement around recent phiRO publications. 

Recently, phiRO published a special issue with physics highlights from ESTRO 2020 along with four editorials and commentaries. We will start tweeting based on this issue and we hope the authors of the papers will engage in the Twitter discussion to increase the attention to their work.

We kindly ask those on Twitter to follow the phiRO account, retweet posts and engage in the scientific discussions in your expertise. If you are not on Twitter yet, this may be an opportunity to join.

Hope to meet you soon on Twitter 


Kathrine Røe Redalen
Responsible, phiRO Twitter account


Daniela Thorwart
Co- editor-in-chief, phiRO


Ludvig Muren
Co- editor-in-chief, phiRO