Visit the Sixth World Rectal Conference on organ-preserving perspectives over 5-6 March 2020 at the Netherlands Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands PDF-version


This multidisciplinary conference aims to highlight all the different aspects of organ-preserving treatment in rectal cancer. As in previous gatherings, we aim to create an atmosphere of an informal conference, with the attendance of experts in the field from all over the world, and where discussion is most welcome. To promote this, there will be debates and interactive discussions. In addition, participants are encouraged to propose and discuss new trials at this conference. In the end, participants will go home with a thorough knowledge of the new ideas to preserve organs during treatment of rectal cancer. We hope to welcome you to Amsterdam in March 2020! 


This is a multidisciplinary conference for: radiation oncologists, gastroenterology surgeons, gastroenterologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, residents and researchers. For registration and more information about the programme, visit our website


Rodrigo Perez, MD, PhD 
Claudio Coco, MD 
Nuno Figueiredo, MD, PhD  
Krzysztof Bujko, MD 
Dr Rob Glynne Jones 
Professor Claus Roedel 
Karen-Lise Garm Spindler, MD, PhD, DMSc 
Dr Ane Appelt 
Professor Jean-Pierre Gerard 
Professor Dr Emmanouil Fokas 
Professor Arthur Sun Myint 
Dr Martijn Intven 
Professor David Sebag-Montefiore 
Professor Andrew Renehan 
Simon Bach, MD 
Dr Erik van Westreenen 
Stefan Gijssels 
Monique van Leerdam 
Doenja Lambregts 
Miriam Chalabi

Scientific committee 

Professor Corrie Marijnen
Radiation-oncologist NKI-AVL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Professor Geerard Beets 
Surgeon NKI-AVL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands  

Professor Vincenzo Valentini 
Radiation-oncologist Gemelli-ART, Universit√† Cattolica S.Cuore, Rome, Italy 

Dr Te Vuong 
Radiation-oncologist McGill University, Montreal, Canada  

Local organiser 
Dr Femke Peters 

Radiation-oncologist NKI-AVL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands