Ninth Trends in Head & Neck Oncology conference (THNO-9)

Málaga, Spain, November 9 – 11, 2023

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As a wealth of exciting new data emerges from both the laboratory and the clinic in this rapidly evolving field, the ninth trends in head & neck oncology conference (THNO-9) will highlight innovations in the three traditional pillars of treatment, i.e., surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and will give relevant updates on the fourth pillar: immunotherapy. Decision-making during multidisciplinary team meetings is a key part of daily practice that takes into account practical guidelines that are updated regularly. We will discuss active research in a number of emerging areas such as potentially malignant disorders of the oral region; the role of artificial intelligence; innovations in cell-based assays for drug discovery and drug evaluation; the role of genomics and beyond in precision medicine; the mechanism of action and potential use of mimetics known as second mitochondrial-derived activators of caspases; and the potential roles of antibody-drug conjugates, all in head & neck cancer. We will also address innovations in the treatment and management of this cancer, including intra-tumoural drug administration and metronomic chemotherapy with or without low-dose immune checkpoint inhibitors; optimal local treatment in patients with metastatic head & neck cancer; sentinel node biopsy in cN0 early-stage oral cavity cancer; partial laryngectomy; ways to improve the quality of reconstructive surgery; innovations in radiotherapy, such as proton and FLASH therapy; and several ways to overcome hypoxia-induced (radio)resistance. Finally, in a separate session, the molecular characterisation of salivary gland cancers, its impact on the treatment of those cancers and strategies that improve outcomes in salivary duct carcinoma will be highlighted.

All disciplines involved in the treatment of head & neck cancer will be represented in integrated sessions. A spotlight will be shone on translation to daily practice through the use of interactive clinical-case discussions that will be facilitated by panels. The THNO-9 meeting is designed for all medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, otolaryngologists, and other medical professionals involved in the treatment of patients with head & neck cancer.

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Meeting chairs & scientific committee

Jan B. Vermorken, Edegem, Belgium
Hans Langendijk, Groningen, The Netherlands
René Leemans, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jean-Pascal Machiels, Brussels, Belgium
Piero Nicolai, Brescia, Italy
Brian O’Sullivan, Toronto, Canada