Get to know more about the recipients of awards at ESTRO 2020 - PDF Version

Every year at the annual congress, the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) bestows awards on selected individuals in recognition of their contributions to radiation oncology. We took the opportunity to invite the award recipients for interviews. We hope you enjoy finding out more about those who were able to give us some of their time.

Lifetime achievement awards 

Roberto Orecchia - interview >>
Pierre Scalliet - interview >>

Emmanuel van der Schueren award 

Michelle Leech 

Interview >>  

Klaas Breur award 

Philip Poortmans 

Interview >>  

Jens Overgaard Legacy award 

Richard Pötter 

Interview >>  

Honorary member awards 

Paolo G. Casali - interview >>
C. René Leemans  - interview >>

Jack Fowler University of Wisconsin award 

René Winter 

Interview >>  

ESTRO-Varian award 

Sofia Spampinato 

Interview >>