Get to know more about the recipients of awards at ESTRO 2021 -PDF Version

Every year at the annual congress, the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) bestows awards on selected individuals in recognition of their contributions to radiation oncology. We took the opportunity to invite the award recipients for interviews. We hope you enjoy finding out more about all the awardees listed below. Click on the link to read an interview.

Lifetime achievement awards

  • Felipe Calvo   >>>
  • Krzysztof Buijko  >>>
  • ​Arthur Sun Myint  >>>

ESTRO award lectures:

Emmanuel van der Schueren award

  • Jesper Grau Eriksen >>>

Donal Hollywood award

  • Brita Singers Sørensen  >>>

Iridium 192 award

  • Erik Van Limbergen  >>>

Klaas Breur award

  • Yolande Lievens >>>

Jens Overgaard Legacy award

  • Hans Langendijk  >>>

Regaud award

  • John  Yarnold >>>

Honorary members awards

  • Josep Borras  >>>
  • Denis Lacombe  >>>
  • Natalka Suchowerska  >>>
  • Ralph Weichselbaum  >>>

Honorary physicist award

Academic award:

Jack Fowler University of Wisconsin award

  • Sergey Primakov  >>>

Young investigator awards sponsored by Elsevier:

ctRO award

  • Carrie Minnaar >>>

phiRO award

  • Vivian van Pelt  >>>

tipsRO award

  • Yawo Atsu Constantino Fiagan  >>>

ESTRO poster awards:

Best clinical poster award

  • Tiziana Rancati >>>

Best physics poster award

  • Pim Borman >>>

Best RTT poster award

  • Heather Nisbet  >>>