Consensus meeting regarding recommendations on integration of radiation therapy into targeted treatments for breast cancer
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16-17 June 2023 /Florence, Italy


A meeting of the ESTRO guidelines committee focused on breast cancer

Endorsed by ESTRO

The treatment landscape for breast cancer has significantly evolved over the last few years; several new anticancer agents have entered clinical use or are in late-stage clinical development.

The advent of innovative preclinical models has accelerated the identification of tumour targets and the subsequent development of anti-cancer agents, and this process has reduced the lag between the preclinical discovery of treatments and their introduction into clinics.

The availability of new therapeutic measures raises the important question of how they should be integrated with local and regional treatments and, particularly, with radiation therapy in both curative and advanced settings.

The purpose of this consensus meeting is to provide preclinical and clinical evidence, and consensus-based guidelines, regarding how targeted and other agents should be integrated correctly and safely with irradiation to improve the clinical care of patients who are affected by breast cancer and who are candidates for these treatments.

An international panel of experts in preclinical and translational research, drug development, and radiation therapy has reviewed the available evidence and, in the beautiful city of Florence, they will summarise recommendations to help physicians in daily clinical practice. They will engage in an exciting two days of multidisciplinary discussions in a special framework drawn up by the subgroup of the ESTRO guidelines committee, focusing on the breast. The meeting is endorsed by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM) and the Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology (AIRO).

Moreover, the Radiation Oncology Foundation (FRO) will provide free registrations for the best proposals made by those “Under 40” on future perspective studies on clinical or preclinical advances for multidisciplinary breast-cancer treatments. Three fellowships for those aged under 40 years will be awarded by the scientific faculty. The fellowships will cover registration, dinner with the faculty and accommodation. Anyone interested should send a short CV and a project letter (template enclosed at by 31 March to The organising secretariat will confirm the award of the fellowship by 28 April, after which they will be in touch with the awardees to organise the details.

Florence in June is a pleasant, romantic city with plenty of tourists and fashion, art, and music events. To be able to access the best accommodation, please register soon by following the instructions on the official website We are waiting for you in Florence!

Icro Meattini
Lorenzo Livi
Andrea Morandi
Matteo Lambertini
Philip Poortmans
on behalf of the faculty

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