Artificial Intelligence in Head and Neck Oncology - PDF Version

14 & 15 October 2022, Lausanne, Switzerland


Artificial intelligence (AI) – the broad term covering the simulation of human intelligence or problem-solving capabilities using computers/machines – has changed and will change the clinical life of radiation oncologists, clinical oncologists, medical physicists, RTT’s, head and neck surgeons and medical oncologists in the years to come. Obvious examples are auto-segmentation, automatic planning, broadband imaging and robotic surgery. However, so much more is in the pipeline for the future – AI-assisted identification of surgical margins during surgery, delivering the right chemo-therapy to the right patient, dose adaptation, and AI propagated pathology. The big question is how to use these new options most prudently, how to implement them and how to validate them. This has been the incentive for setting up this multidisciplinary two-day conference “AI meets Head & Neck Oncology” 14 & 15 October 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The meeting is organised by the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS) and endorsed by ESTRO.

On the first day, we will address the prudent use of AI for health care in general, and afterwards move to AI in cancer prevention, endoscopy, and robotics. On this day we will end with an exciting discussion of head and neck oncology experts on where to take AI in head and neck oncology in the future.

On the second day we will address AI in radiation therapy and pathology, followed by AI for imaging and drug development. At the close of the second day, we will have a round table discussion on how AI could improve systemic head and neck cancer treatment in the future.

On both days there will be options for presenting own data in the field of AI/deep learning in Head and Neck Oncology. Abstracts can be submitted for both oral presentations and posters. Submission deadline is September 16th.

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We all look forward seeing you in Lausanne in October!

Jesper Grau Eriksen and Christian Simon