62nd Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Cooperative Group

and the 4th PTCOG-AO Meeting

10-15 June 2024, Singapore


Endorsed by ESTRO


The executive committee of the Particle Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG) and the local organising committee are pleased to invite you to Singapore for the 62nd annual conference of the PTCOG and the fourth PTCOG-Asia-Oceania (AO) meeting. With three proton therapy centres and six gantries in a population of only 5.4 million, Singapore is the country with the highest number of proton therapy rooms per inhabitant worldwide.

This year’s conference will start with two days of educational sessions followed by three days of multi-session scientific reports with several sub-committee meetings in between. The conference theme is “synergy through collaboration”; it stresses the importance of collaboration in the field of particle therapy. We expect an outstanding scientific programme that will cover clinical, physics and biology topics in many plenary talks and round tables, at which hot issues in particle therapy will be debated.

Building on the success of the past three PTCOG-AO annual meetings, this conference will also feature a dedicated Asia-Oceania session. Here, we will delve into discussions on prevalent cancers in the region and explore strategies for disseminating clinical evidence of particle therapies from this region.

Owing to the exceptional growth in the number of proton therapy centres worldwide, the PTCOG has over 4,000 members, and the steering committee comprises nearly 100 facility representatives. The PTCOG now has 16 active sub-committees, which will report their activities in a dedicated session during the scientific meeting. This will be the first year in which the new scholar-in-training sub-committee will be involved in the planning of the educational and scientific programme. This will result in greater involvement of the younger generations in the PTCOG leadership and the meeting. We will also discuss PTCOG funding for small research projects and the future of the PTCOG scientific journal, the International Journal of Particle Therapy.

We anticipate that PTCOG 62 will offer a comprehensive platform for education and scientific collaboration. Through this, we aim to draw closer to achieving our organisation’s goal of leading excellence in particle therapy.

We hope that you will join us and take advantage of the educational and collaborative opportunities in the vibrant country of Singapore!

Information and registration details can be found at Ptcog62.org