1-3 February 2024 I Assisi, Italy

The Assisi Think-Tank meeting (ATTM) on breast cancer, which is endorsed by ESTRO, the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists and the Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology, has grown in popularity and prestige since its first edition in 2016.

The fifth ATTM will be held on 1-3 February 2024. Designed as a brainstorming project, it will involve European radiation and clinical oncologists as well as others who are actively involved in the field of breast cancer. The idea is to provide thorough insights into selected topics via presentations and in-depth discussions. The format is blended, to facilitate both in-person and online participation.

As ever, topics focus on contemporary challenges in breast cancer care. For this meeting, the expert board selected:

  • lobular carcinoma;
  • tumour bed boost in infiltrating and in situ carcinomas; and
  • signature-based radiation therapy.


A working group for each of these topics is reviewing the available data and ongoing studies partly to identify areas of contention. Soon, before the actual ATTM, current clinical practice in these fields will be investigated by means of an online questionnaire, which will be repeated during the meeting so that attendees can share their experiences and views with all participants. Based on the results of this survey and the in-depth discussions that will be held during the meeting, suggestions for future studies will be put forward that will aim to elucidate the identified issues.

After the ATTM, as has been done previously, a panel of experts will prepare and submit for publication an informative and challenging white paper that summarises the findings and discussions as well as ongoing clinical trials. The paper will include several proposed investigations.

We warmly invite all colleagues who are interested in the field of breast cancer, both experienced and those in residency training, to join us at this meeting, which is designed to foster and stimulate research interest.

Anyone interested in attending, whether online or in person, please click on the link below: