17th Meet The Professor. Advanced International Breast Cancer Course (AIBCC) - PDF Version

- September 30th, 2021 (14:30 > 17:30)
- October 1st 2021 (15:00 > 18:30)

Course Directors: Pier Franco Conte, Valentina Guarneri, Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, Philip Poortmans


Mortality from breast cancer is declining in most countries thanks to effective screening programs, early diagnosis, molecular characterisation of the different subtypes and biology-driven treatments. A multidisciplinary management of breast cancer patients is therefore the key to success and a breast multidisciplinary team should include - besides the “classic” clinical specialties - pathologists, molecular biologists and geneticists. Furthermore, the availability of multiple diagnostic and therapeutic choices, the increasing costs of new technologies and drugs and the issue of sustainability represent a new challenge for socially-responsible clinicians.  With this goal in mind, the programme includes lectures on molecular characterisation, updated treatments of early and advanced disease, management of difficult cases and hereditary syndromes and issues of sustainability and drug access across countries.

The live webinar will be in English with speakers from various countries addressing both Italian and foreign participants.

The in-class course is addressed to Italian participants.

Deadline for registration: 20September 2021

For more information:

-Visit the AIBCC website >> https://meettheprofessor.accmed.org/

-Email: info.bologna@accmed.org

-Tel: +39 010.837.94.242