10th MR in RT Symposium

3-5 April 2024

Rome, Italy


Endorsed by ESTRO


The 10th MR in RT (Magnetic Resonance in Radiotherapy) Symposium promises to be a groundbreaking event that will herald a new era in the fusion of MRI with radiation therapy, and will chart the course for the future of our discipline.

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the use of MRI integrated into radiation therapy has emerged as a transformative approach in cancer treatment. The 2024 edition of this symposium aims to delve into the latest advances, challenges and opportunities in this dynamic field, and to provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange.

At the forefront of the discussion will be the fusion of real-time MRI with radiation therapy, which can be used to revolutionise treatment planning and delivery. The symposium will showcase cutting-edge techniques and technologies, including MRI-guided radiation therapy systems.

Moreover, the symposium will explore the expanding roles of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the enhancement of MR-guided radiation therapy. From automated treatment planning algorithms to adaptive dose optimisation strategies, these innovations hold the promise of optimised patient outcomes and streamlined clinical workflows.

In addition to technological advancements, the symposium will address crucial clinical considerations and outcomes associated with MR-guided radiation therapy. Attendees will gain insights into the efficacy, safety and long-term effects of this transformative approach across various cancer types and patient populations through top-quality lectures, invited talks, proffered papers and debates.

The symposium will foster dialogue on regulatory and reimbursement challenges, and on strategies to integrate MR-guided radiation therapy into clinical practice on a global scale.

By bringing together multidisciplinary experts from academia, industry and healthcare institutions, the symposium organisers aim to drive consensus and to shape the future landscape of medical imaging and radiation oncology.

Join us in Rome as we approach the next frontier in medical imaging and radiotherapy treatment delivery.