New chapters available in the online GEC-ESTRO Handbook - PDF Version

As of 2014, the first edition of the GEC-ESTRO Handbook is being gradually updated with new and updated chapters and appearing in electronic format. Recently, two new chapters have been published in the second edition.

These are:

  • ‘Primary and secondary liver malignancies’, written by Stefanie Corradini, Lukas Nierer, Maya Rottler, Franziska Walter, Konrad Mohnike, Marc Mühlmann, Max Seidensticker, Jens Ricke and Peter Hass.

Brachytherapy of liver tumours is a relatively new technique which has proven its value and can be found via the link: 28 Primary and secondary liver malignancies (

  • ‘Penis cancer’, written by Juanita Crook and Cyrus Chargari.

Penis cancer is a rare malignancy that at an early stage can be well treated with conservative management with brachytherapy. This chapter is updated from the first edition, 22 Penis cancer (

All chapters from the GEC-ESTRO Handbook are freely available to everyone with a MyESTRO account, it is not necessary to be an ESTRO member. Just create your account via the ESTRO website: ESTRO - Log In.

GEC-ESTRO Handbook editors
Bradley Pieters, Erik Van Limbergen, Richard Pötter, Peter Hoskin, Dimos Baltas