Aligning with World Cancer Day 2024



World Cancer Day 2024, falling on 4th February, marks a global initiative led by the Union of International Cancer Control, once again focusing on "Closing the Care Gap." This year, there is a particular emphasis on addressing inequities in accessing quality cancer treatment. The World Cancer Day Impact Report encourages leaders to "take a proactive role in implementing policies and programmes that ensure equitable access to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for all."


The WCD Theme, once again aligns seamlessly with ESTRO’s vision of "Radiation Oncology, Optimal Health, For All, Together." Indeed the ESTRO Annual Congress in Glasgow, ESTRO 2024, adopts the theme "Bridging the (Cancer) Care Gap". The Presidential Symposium will concentrate on addressing inequalities due to socioeconomic factors, national and pan-European disparities in access to radiation therapy, and global disparities in care due to severe shortages of workforce and equipment. Meanwhile, our more than 9,000 members continue to strive towards generating high-quality evidence, translating it into clear guidelines, and ensuring prompt and equitable implementation of advances in radiation oncology. This includes interdisciplinary networking, scientific exchange, training, education for all, and advocacy in oncopolicy at national and European levels.


Our community serves a growing population of cancer patients, which unfortunately presents challenges in service provision, workforce, and healthcare systems. Collaborative and innovative solutions are essential for making a meaningful impact on cancer survival rates this decade. Our partnerships with multidisciplinary, research, and oncopolicy organisations, including the European Cancer Organisation, will be crucial to closing care gaps in a timely manner.


On 4th February, ESTRO expresses gratitude to its members for their dedication to delivering care and improving its quality and timeliness. With your efforts, radiation oncology care gaps should be well on their way to being closed.


Anna Kirby

ESTRO President