Madrid has been selected to host ESTRO’s Annual Congress in 2021.

The selection was done based on two distinct elements: the logistical capacity to host this global event and – more importantly – the co-creation of an engagement project which will have a tangible impact on the patient outcome.

This approach is one of the materializations of ESTRO’s vision: “Optimal Health for All, Together”, whereby the Society continuously seeks to improve the outcome for the patient. The full ESTRO Vision Paper can be found here.

“The Madrid proposal was a clear and impressive demonstration of region wide teamwork. Madrid will be the very first hosting city where ESTRO’s new approach towards venue selection will be put into practice and therefore expectations are  high ”, says Umberto Ricardi, President of ESTRO.

Dr. Jorge Contreras, President of the Spanish Society for Radiation Oncology (SEOR), manifests his absolute satisfaction with and full commitment to collaborate in the organisation of the 2021 ESTRO Congress in Madrid: “We deeply appreciate ESTRO’s decision to again choose Spain for its annual congress employing a new collaboration formula that will allow SEOR to take active part in the development of targets, and values, that ESTRO wishes to communicate - “Optimal Health for All, Together”, which coincide with our principles. Giving greater visibility to radiation oncology in different spheres – the scientific community, public administration, as well as civil society, will help our patients benefit from the technological and scientific advances that are already available in our country”.

“The Madrid Convention Bureau is very conscious of its responsibility to inspire organisers of congresses in Madrid to envision benefits for all city residents. We are delighted to initiate, alongside ESTRO and SEOR, our first, joint congress legacy project in the city; a thrilling challenge, without a doubt”, believes David Noack PĂ©rez, Director of the Madrid Convention Bureau.