ESTRO 38 saw another successful Young ESTRO day, with an interesting teaching lecture on precision medicine and systems biology. This was followed by three symposia on: ‘Combining research and clinical/professional and training/practice’, ‘How to prevent burnout?’, and ‘Stronger together – news and projects from young national societies’. There was also speed dating and our famous annual quiz and Young networking cocktail evening.

The quiz and networking session were held on “The Stage”, guaranteeing their visibility. This year we had 51 contestants (30% more than at ESTRO 37). After the quiz, a number of people asked me to make the questions and correct answers publicly available. The following table provides the questions and answers in arbitrary order.



 What is the largest human cell?

 Egg cell

 In which year was the first iPhone released?


 How many members does ESTRO have according to the ESTRO membership website page?


 The ESTRO members are located in how many countries?


 The number of courses per year provided by ESTRO is?


 ESTRO 39 will take place in?

 Vienna, Austria

 The 2019 ESTRO Meets Asia Congress will take place in?


 What is the current (2017) impact factor of Radiotherapy & Oncology (known as the Green Journal)?


 Who is the current ESTRO president?

 Umberto Ricardi

 The founding meeting of ESTRO took place on September 1980 in?

 Milan, Italy

 The new 2030 ESTRO Vision ( has been discussed in the strategy retreat organised in?

 Mechelen, Belgium

 ESTRO is active on social media. How many followers does ESTRO have on LinkedIn?


 Who is the Young ESTRO chair?

 Pierfrancesco Franco

 What is FALCON?

 Fellowship in Anatomic deLineation and CONtouring

 The STUPP protocol (primary treatment) for GBM consists     of:

 Temozolomide (75mg/m2/d for 6 weeks) + RT (60Gy/30fr)

 FDA approved on 12 April 2019 an immune checkpoint inhibitor for first-line treatment of patients with stage III non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who are not candidates for surgical resection or definitive CRT or metastatic NSCLC.
What is the name of the immune checkpoint              inhibitor?


 The last AGORA meeting took place in?

 Barcelona, Spain

 Where is the ESTRO office located?

 Brussels, Belgium

 How many double strand breaks (DSB) would you observe after one Gy/diploid cell?


 When an absorbed dose of 1 Gy is delivered to a point at the depth of maximum dose in a water-equivalent  phantom whose surface is at the isocentre of the machine (field size 10 cm x 10 cm), how many MU would you measure?


 When did the ESTRO Board approve the establishment of the ESTRO Young committee?



Congratulations to Ahmed Salem, the University of Manchester, UK, for his victory – the second year in a row that he has won. However, the rules were very strict, stating that last year’s winner could not receive the award again this year. This year, therefore, the free registration for an ESTRO course went to Stephen Chin, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK – congratulations Stephen!

Compared with ESTRO 37, the distribution across the percentage of correct answers is fairly similar (Figure 1, left), although the frequency is higher for ESTRO 38. The majority of participants did know that ESTRO 39 will be held in Vienna (Q6), that Umberto Ricardi is the current ESTRO president (Q8), that ESTRO Meet Asia will be held in Singapore (Q11) and that the ESTRO office is located in Brussels (Q18). Only a minority knew that ESTRO was founded in Milan (Q9) and that the new ESTRO Vision has been discussed in the strategy meeting in Mechelen (Q10) (Figure 1, right). On average, 45% of the questions were answered correctly, which is reasonably high taking into account the stress of the quiz, which saw more points awarded to people who answered a question correctly faster.

Figure 1                                                                                        Figure 2


Figure 1: Distribution of percentage correctly answered questions for ESTRO 37 (Green) and ESTRO 38 (blue).
Figure 2: Percentage of participants answering each individual question correctly.

I hope you had fun at the quiz and that you have extended your professional network, while enjoying some food and beverages. See you again next year!

Your quizmaster,

Ludwig Dubois
Department of Radiotherapy
Maastricht University
Maastricht, The Netherlands