40 years. 40 memories. 40 weeks

My first experience with ESTRO dates back in 2005, at the time I entered the residency programme in Radiation Oncology at the University of Turin, Italy, when I joined, as a student, the ESTRO teaching Course in ‘Basic Clinical Radiobiology’ (Izmir Turkey). Since then, ESTRO played a crucial role in my education and training, but mainly as an end-user. My involvement in the society dramatically changed in 2014, when I replied to a tiny announcement in the ESTRO newsletter, looking for a co-editor for  the Young Corner. I soon started contributing to the newsletter and thereafter participated in the AGORA Meeting in 2016  where I got selected to join the Young Committe. I ended up  chairing it and became a teacher in the Target Volume Determination Course and got involved in several other initiatives of the society. Since then, ESTRO occupies an important part of my professional life and I am happy with it. So guys, whenever you see a small and hidden announcement, do not hesitate to reply. It is a chance worth taking.


  • Name: Pierfrancesco
  • Last name: Franco
  • Institution: University of Turin, School of Medicine, Italy 
  • ESTRO member since 2005
  • Function within ESTRO: Young Committee Chair