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The past years there has been much focus on medical oncology, especially on the new treatments and their cost. ESTRO plays an important role to put radiotherapy in its right position in cancer care since radiotherapy will continue to be one of the backbones of treating cancer patients. For example the Marie Curie Legacy are being used in Sweden for that purpose, to inform the stakeholders of the importance of radiotherapy .  

ESTRO is very important in Sweden since we are educated to become clinical oncologists and thus practice both medical and radiation oncology. The ESTRO school is an important complement to our national educational activities. ESTRO's core curriculum is a natural part in our national core curriculum. Additionally, ESTRO's meetings are very important for our members to get updated.

We are proud to be a part of ESTRO and the European radiotherapy community.

  • Institution Name:  REGIONALA CANCERCENTRUM I SAMVERKAM, Stockholm, Sweden