40 years. 40 memories. 40 weeks

I remember clearly attending ESTRO 27, Gothenburg, Sweden. I was newly appointed as research RTT, and finding my way in this new role. ESTRO27 gave me a vision of how my career could develop. Since my first visit, I’ve become a member of ESTRO RTT committee, education council and newsletter editor. I have enjoyed the professional development and met some lifelong friends through the society.  Like in Gothenburg, I still feel nervous and excited arriving at annual conferences, anticipating new developments that will shape the future of radiotherapy. It’s a pleasure to be chair of the RTT track for ESTRO 2020, I look forward to the future! 

  • Name: Aileen
  • Last name: Duffton
  • Institution: Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow

  • Member since: 2010