By the end of this course participants should be able to

  • critically validate and enhance the quality of research projects concerning novelty, potential impact, urgency, and feasibility and risk.
  • effectively discuss research ideas/projects with colleagues to maximise scientific value.
  • discuss current trends and research opportunities in radiotherapy physics and related technical fields.


  1. Discussions on research projects submitted by participants, aiming at improving the projects, and to learn, by example from peers and the expert faculty, how to turn research ideas into a successful project.
  2. Lectures
    • Trends, unresolved issues and research opportunities in:
    1. MR imaging in radiotherapy (including dose painting)
    2. PET imaging in radiotherapy (including dose painting)
    3. IGRT and adaptive therapy to compensate for anatomical variations
    4. Physics and technology in personalised medicine
    5. Dose response modelling
    6. Biophysics in radiotherapy
    7. Brachytherapy physics
    8. Treatment planning
    9. Respiratory motion management
    10. Radiotherapy dosimetry
    11. Microbeam radiotherapy
    12. Ion beam therapy (guest lecture)
    • Tips and tricks for writing a successful grant proposal
    • Tips and tricks for writing a scientific paper and getting it accepted
    • Grant opportunities in Europe.


Anyone interested can submit a proposal or idea for a research project, or a scientific paper, etc.
The deadline for this is 31 May 2017.
Proposals/ideas for research must be submitted in pdf format with a maximum 750 words. The content should strictly adhere to the following format:

  1. Title
  2. Name and affiliation of investigator
  3. Background of research
  4. Proposed research and research hypotheses
  5. Expected results and conclusions/messages.

The submission must be accompanied by a brief CV (pdf, max 500 words).
Please send the research proposal and CV to the course manager, Laura La Porta (llaporta@estro.org).
Attendance will be limited to 36 participants. Selection will be based on the submitted proposals and on a first come, first served principle.
If selected, the participant should  prepare a 10 minute Powerpoint presentation with the format given above.
The pptx will be presented at the Masterclass, and will be the basis for further improvement of the research proposal.


  • 2 days for presentation of submitted research
  • projects, discussions and working on the improvement of projects
  • 1,5 days of lectures.


Evaluation form.