In Training Member - 75 EUR (21% VAT incl.)


All European professionals (= in training in a European institute) in the field of Radiation Oncology who are not currently active members. To be eligible, applicants should be less than 40 years old with a relevant university diploma granted less than ten years ago and currently be in training or enrolled in a full time PhD programme in a European institute.

Eligibility valid maximum 6 years.

During the online registration process, a copy of the diploma AND a letter from the head of department stating that the applicant is currently in training, have to be uploaded. The validity of these documents is then checked internally.

This category offers you access to ESTRO’s benefits, with the exception that you have no voting rights in the General Assembly and you won’t be eligible for the Officer positions within ESTRO.


  • Access to Radiotherapy and Oncology (electronic only)
  • Discount on the article publication charge related to the open access journals (ctRO, phiRO, tipsRO)
  • Discounted online subscription to the AAPM publication Medical Physics*
  • Special “in training” reduced fee for attending ESTRO and Joint Conferences and Courses
  • Eligibility for special fees for members from emerging countries (conference) and less competitive countries (courses)
  • Eligibility for Grants and Awards
  • Eligibility to participate in ESTRO's Governance Activities
  • Online access to the Membership directory
  • Special prices for ESTRO Publications
  • Access to the ESTRO e-library (DOVE) including congress webcasts (after 6 months), EU affairs publications, guidelines, contouring cases

* Medical Physics: ESTRO members should contact Wiley, identify themselves as current ESTRO member, and ask for the discounted online-only subscription.

The price is as follows:
· USD $70
· GBP £47
· EURO €64

The European customer service contact information is as follows:
Tel: +44 (0)1865 778315

If the member is located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein please contact:
Phone: 0800 1800 536 (From Germany)
Phone: +44 (0)1865476721 (Outside Germany)

Wiley US:
Tel: +1 781 388 8598
Tel (toll free): +1 800 835 6770

Wiley Asia Pacific English language service:
Tel: +65 6511 8000

Japanese language service: