Endorsed 15-17 May, 2019 Florence, Italy Annual Meeting of the European Musculo Skeletal Oncology Society 2019 NA
Endorsed 17-18 May, 2019 Dublin, Ireland Annual Irish Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Symposium NA
Endorsed 22-24 May, 2019 Warsaw, Poland ESHO 2019 NA
Endorsed 19-22 June, 2019 Dubrovnik, Croatia ESOI Oncologic Imaging Course 2019 - Oncologic Imaging in the era of precision medicine: Challenges and opportunities NA
Endorsed 19-22 June, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand PROS 2019 NA
Endorsed 01-02 August, 2019 Tehran, Iran 3rd International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer NA
Endorsed 29-31 August, 2019 Basel, Switzerland Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) 2019 NA
Endorsed 04-07 September, 2019 London, UK London Breast meeting 2019 NA
Endorsed 09-11 September, 2019 Paris, France Association of systemic treatments and radiation therapy in breast cancer: From evidence based to clinical practice NA
Endorsed 10-11 October, 2019 Cairo, Egypt 2nd Arab African International Cancer Congress (AAICC) NA
Endorsed 10-12 October, 2019 Warsaw, Poland Treatment Planning systems - Jointly organised by ESMPE and COCIR NA
Endorsed 10-12 October, 2019 Padua, Italy 15th Meet The Professor Advanced International Breast Cancer Course (AIBCC) NA
Endorsed 18-20 October, 2019 Leuven, Belgium IFHNOS World Tour NA
Endorsed 21-23 October, 2019 Rome, Italy 29th Residential Course on Modern Radiotherapy, time issues and new drugs NA
Endorsed 23-24 October, 2019 Paris, France PROSCA 2019 NA