Endorsed 01-03 August, 2018 Tehran, Iran 2nd International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer NA
Endorsed 22 August, 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark IMRT and VMAT planning in practice at ECMP2018 NA
Endorsed 05-08 September, 2018 London, UK London Breast meeting NA
Endorsed 12-13 September, 2018 Lausanne, Switzerland 2nd international workshop on ultra high dose rate FLASH-RT NA
Endorsed 15-16 September, 2018 Mumbai, India XVI TMH Annual Radiotherapy Practicum NA
Endorsed 20-21 September, 2018 Madrid, Spain BLADDR 2018 NA
Endorsed 20-21 September, 2018 Cairo, Egypt Arab African International Cancer Congress (AAICC) NA
Endorsed 20-22 September, 2018 Padua, Italy 14th Meet the Professor Advanced International Breast Cancer Course NA
Endorsed 20-22 September, 2018 Milan, Italy ESO masterclass in neuro-oncology, Multidisciplinary management of adult brain tumour NA
Endorsed 20-22 September, 2018 Paris, France International conference on immunotherapy radiotherapy combinations 2018 NA
Endorsed 21-22 September, 2018 Chianciano Terme, Italy Sixth Annual UPMC International Symposium on Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy NA
Endorsed 04-06 October, 2018 Florence, Italy 3rd Symposium on Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: From physics to clinic NA
Endorsed 08-10 October, 2018 Rome, Italy 28th Residential Course on Modern Radiotherapy and unconventional treatments fractionations, volumes and new drugs NA
Endorsed 12 October, 2018 Paris, France International Marie Sklodowska-Curie Meeting: From Radiation to Innovation in Medicine NA
Endorsed 17 November, 2018 Brussels, Belgium BRAVO symposium 2018: Fighting breast cancer with innovative radiotherapy NA