1 May, 19.00 | Lingotto Fiere  

 Limited to 500 runners, so register now!


Join us for the 2nd ESTRO Super Run!

Join us for the 2nd ESTRO Super Run! The first Super Run last year in Barcelona was a great success: 500 of you gathered by the beautiful beach of Barcelona to run the 5 kms lap.

Resolute in its focus on patients, the 2nd Super Run will be supporting the ESTRO Cancer Foundation (ECF) again, and will show that staying physically active and doing sports during and after treatment is possible.

However, expect a slightly different format of the run: this year team spirit will have the place of honour… What else could best symbolise the daily work of radiation oncology professionals?


A relay of teams of 3 to 5 participants will run 5 km.
Each participant will run minimum 1 km.


Everyone! Including especially cancer patients.


19.00 on 1 May 2016.


On the roof on top of Lingotto Fiere, the legendary Fiat factory, where cars used to be tested.


Each team needs to appoint a leader and find a creative name.


10€ per participant for the benefit of the ECF.

How to register?

Registration will be made by the team leader: Click here to register your team

The Super Run is limited to 500 participants and running t-shirts will be given on a first registered first served basis. Therefore, we strongly advise you to register now!

Each team leader will have the responsibility to:

  • Register the whole team
  • Pay collectively for the team (Participation fee is 10€ per runner, but a bigger donation to the ECF can be madewhen registering if desired).
  • Pick up the running bags at the ECF/Super Run desk. 

Companies or third parties registering several groups should request an appointment at the ECF/Super Run desk to collect their bags.


The ESTRO Cancer Foundation (ECF) was launched in 2012 to promote radiation oncology to target audiences such as patients and decision makers. HERO (Health Economics in Radiation Oncology) is the project supported by the ECF that aims to develop a model for health economic evaluation of radiation treatments at the European level. Through the collection and analysis of relevant data, HERO will be used to advocate for radiotherapy to European governments and other healthcare stakeholders, whose decisions ultimately affect the care of patients. Like last year, the money collected via the Super Run will contribute to moving the project forward.

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