It is with great pleasure that we announce the first edition of the «ESTRO meets Asia» conference which will take place in Singapore, 07-09 December 2018.   

The «ESTRO meets Asia» conference has the objective to bring radiation oncology collaboration between Europe and Asia to a new level - regarding science, education, technology and professional development, targeting all professionals working in the discipline (clinicians, medical physicists, RTTs and radiobiologists).

The interactive conference format is designed to enable participants share experiences on practices/operations from both regions and discuss how to facilitate collaboration. The conference will be a platform where participants will learn from each other by embracing the diversity of clinical practices and exploring the development of common solutions to optimise radiotherapy treatment and care for all patients.

The scientific programme, designed in collaboration with FARO and specialists from the Asian region, will be made up of three components: an interdisciplinary component, a radiobiology component and a component focusing on the practice of medical physicists and RTTs.

The interdisciplinary component of the conference will offer teaching lectures, symposia and proffered papers on the latest advancements on the topics of:

·       Head and Neck (oropharynx)

·       Rare tumours (lymphoma)

·       Anal canal / rectal cancer

·       Pelvic / gynaecological tumours

·       Thorax (breast and lung cancer)

 The radiobiology component will draw from the ESTRO Basic Radiobiology Course and will cover mainly:

·       A series of basic lectures introducing molecular and clinical radiobiology 

·       Mechanisms and models or radiation cell killing

·       The linear-quadratic approach to fractionation

·       Molecular basis of radiation response

·       Radiobiology and tolerance of normal tissues to (re)treatment

·       Alternative fractionation schedules in radiotherapy

·       Tumour hypoxia and the microenvironment

·       Combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy

·       The volume and dose-rate effect in radiotherapy

·       Biological response modifiers (tumours, normal tissues) and molecular approaches to therapy

·       Protons and other particles in radiotherapy

·       Radiation-induced malignancies.

The third component of the conference is focusing on the practice of medical physicists and RTTs and will cover topics such as:

·       From 2D to IMRT: technology, treatment planning, delivery and QA

·       IGRT, patient positioning and immobilisation

·       Dosimetry, audit and risk assessment

·       Brachytherapy

The conference will also include round table discussions on the organisation of education, training and certification as well as sessions linked to ongoing projects such as HERO (Health Economics in Radiation Oncology); GTFRCC (Global Task Force on Radiotherapy for Cancer Control) and GIRO (Global impact of radiotherapy in oncology) under the overall umbrella of advocacy.

We invite you to help us enrich the programme of this conference by submitting an abstract for the conference by 11 June 2018. Also, be on the lookout for a survey that will be sent shortly where we will  invite you to share information with us which will help us to design an interactive component of the programme (debates and roundtable discussions) that meets your needs. 

ESTRO and FARO are looking forward to welcoming you in Singapore.

Vincenzo Valentini and Shyam Shrivastava
ESTRO meets Asia Scientific Programme Committee Chairs




Vincenzo  Valentini, IT
Shyam K.  Shrivastava,  IN 


Vincenzo  Valentini,  IT
Masahiro  Hiraoka,  JP
Gyorgy  Kovacs,  DE
Arie  Munandar,  ID
Jesper  Eriksen,  DK
Sandra  Turner,  AU
Michelle  Leech,  IE
Gurvinder Singh  Wadhawan,  IN
Dirk  Verellen,  BE
Natalka  Suchowerska,  AU