ESTRO 36 awards

ESTRO-Varian Award 

C. Locke (US) - Trajectory Optimization in Radiotherapy Using Sectioning (TORUS) 


ESTRO-Accuray Award 

P. Jin (NL) - Limited interfractional variability of respiration-induced tumor motion in esophageal cancer RT


Jack Fowler University of Wisconsin Award 

H. Dapper (DE) - Dosimetric quantification of the „true“ ano-inguinal lymphatic drainage of anal cancer patients


ESTRO Elekta Brachytherapy Award

E. Beld (NL) - Testing an MR-compatible afterloader for MR-based source tracking in MRI guided HDR brachytherapy


GEC-ESTRO Best Junior Presentation - sponsored by Elekta Brachytherapy

S. Maree (NL) - Improved class solutions for prostate brachytherapy planning via evolutionary machine learning

Donal Hollywood award 

P. Essers (NL) - In vitro prediction of DNA repair defects reveals association with poor clinical outcome in HNSCC


Best Clinical Poster Award 

E. Fokas (DE) - Tumor Regression Grading in the CAO/ARO/AIO-04 phase 3 trial in locally advanced rectal carcinoma


Best Physics Poster Award 

F. Padilla (AT) - A pencil beam algorithm for protons including magnetic fields effects


Best RTT Poster Award 

V. Kong (CA) - Comparison of 3 Image-guided Adaptive Strategies for Bladder Radiotherapy


ctRO award – sponsored by Elsevier

E. Rijkmans (NL) - Factors associated with complete response after brachytherapy for rectal cancer; the HERBERT study


phiRO award – sponsored by Elsevier

R. van Haveren (NL) - LRPM for fast automated high quality treatment planning – towards a novel workflow for clinicians


tipsRO award – sponsored by Elsevier

K. Woodford (AU) - Feasibility of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for locally-advanced non-small cell lung cancer