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We are pleased to share with you the scientific programme of the 7th ICHNO congress.

Thursday 14 March 2019



Opening remarks

Hans Langendijk (ESTRO) / René Leemans (EHNS) / Jean-Pascal Machiels (ESMO)


Keynote lecture 1: New insights into the molecular landscape of H&N cancer

Chairs: Hans Langendijk (NL) / René Leemans (NL) / Jean-Pascal Machiels (BE)

Speaker: Ruud Brakenhoff (NL)


Keynote lecture 2: New insights into the immune landscape of H&N cancer

Chairs: Hans Langendijk (NL) / René Leemans (NL) / Jean-Pascal Machiels (BE)

Speaker: Sven Brandau, Essen (DE)


Coffee break


Debate 1: This house believes that radiomics will not change clinical practice

Chair: Antti Mäkitie (FI)
Chair: Jesper Eriksen (DK)

For the motion: Vincent Grégoire (BE)
Against the motion: Philippe Lambin (NL)

For the motion rebuttal: Vincent Grégoire (BE)
Against the motion rebuttal: Philippe Lambin (NL)


Proffered papers 1

Chair: Sandra Nuyts (BE)
Chair: Mehmet Sen (UK)

Preoperative vs. postoperative radiotherapy in treatment of oral cavity cancer – The ARTSCAN 2 study
Wennerberg, Johan (Sweden)

Individualized prophylactic irradiation based on sentinel lymph node(s) identification in cN0 HNSCC
Longton, Eleonore (Belgium)

Radiologic extranodal extension portends worse outcome in TNM-8 cT1-T2N1 HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer
Huang, Shao Hui (Sophie) (Canada)

Fast tumor regression detected by weekly MRI allows for adaptive (chemo) radiation for H&N cancer
Terhaard, Christiaan (The Netherlands)

Carbon-ion reirradiation for recurrent head-and-neck cancer: A single-institutional experience
HELD, Thomas (Germany)

Local recurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinomas – outcomes after reirradiation
Ruffier-Loubière, Amandine (France)


Lunch and Satellite symposium


Late breaking news

Chair: Jean Bourhis (CH)
Chair: Rieneke van de Ven (NL)

New insights from the De-ESCALate HPV trial
Mehanna, Hisham (United Kingdom)

Pembrolizumab in the first line treatment of recurrent and/or metastatic head and neck cancer
Barbara Burtness (US)

Discussant: Sandrine Faivre (FR)


Keynote lecture 3: TNM8: How has the dust settled one year later?

Chairs: Hans Langendijk (NL) / René Leemans (NL) / Jean-Pascal Machiels (BE)

Speaker: Brian O’Sullivan (CA)


Coffee break


Symposium 1: Immuno-oncology

Chair: Irene Brana (ES)
Chair: Wojciech Golusinski (PL)

Jerome Galon (FR)

Current status of immunotherapy in H&N cancer
Lisa Licitra (IT)

How to integrate immunotherapy with radiotherapy in H&N cancer?
Peter Huber (DE)

Friday 15 March 2019



Keynote lecture 4: SNUC: a sustainable concept?

Chair: Remco de Bree (NL)
Chair: Miquel Quer (ES)

Speaker:  Alessandro Franchi (IT)


Keynote lecture 5: Pushing the limits in H&N robotic surgery

Chair: Jordi Giralt (ES)
Chair: Vincent Vander Poorten (BE)

Speaker: Christian Simon (CH)


Coffee break


Proffered papers 2

Chair: Piero Nicolai (IT)
Chair: Wojciech Golusinski (PL)

What is the optimal cut-off of depth of invasion for elective neck dissection in oral cavity cancer?
Van Lanschot, Florence (The Netherlands)

Sentinel lymph node biopsy for early stage oral cancer; experience of 3 Dutch Head and Neck centers
den Toom, Inne (The Netherlands)

Transoral Laser Microsurgery for T1a glottic cancer - DAHANCA 27
Lyhne, Nina (Denmark)

Unexpetected drainage patterns and high accuracy of SLNB in OSCC after previous neck treatment
Boeve, Koos (The Netherlands)

Real life application of the PET-Neck protocol for post radiotherapy surveillance in advanced HNSCC
Zhou, Suyun (United Kingdom)

12 week PET-CTs have a low PPV for nodal residual disease in HPV positive oropharygeal cancers
Rulach, Robert (United Kingdom)


Symposium 2: New developments in radiation therapy

Chair: Sandra Nuyts (BE)
Chair: Andreas Dietz (DE)

The fourth major salivary gland and its clinical implications
Wouter Vogel (NL)

Modern IMRT planning, how high can we push the bar?
Christian Rønn Hansen (DK)

New developments in proton therapy in H&N cancer
David Thomson (UK)

Early response evaluation in radiation therapy driven larynx organ preservation
Andreas Dietz (DE)


Lunch and Satellite symposium


Interactive tumor board session: Oropharynx

T2 and N1 (multiple nodes) P16+

Chair: Athanasios Argiris (GR)

Panellists: Frank Pameijer (NL), Christian Von Buchwald (DK), Ana Castro (PT), Wilfried Budach (DE)


Poster discussion

Chair: Amanda Psyrri (GR)
Chair: Anne Laprie (FR)

Phase II trial:melatonin oral gel for prevention of mucositis in oropharynx and oral cavity tumors
Lozano Borbalas, Alicia (Spain)

Does multiparametric imaging with FDG-PET/MRI capture intratumor heterogeneity in histopathology?
Rasmussen, Jacob (Denmark)

CT-based Radiomics Predicting HPV Status in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Shi, Zhenwei (The Netherlands)

Incidence and management of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma in the Nordic countries
Overgaard, Jens (Denmark)

Discussant: Pierre Blanchard (FR)


Coffee break


Symposium 3: New techniques in surgery

Chair: Sandro Stoeckli (CH)
Chair: Jan Vermorken (BE)

Bio-endoscopy in the evaluation of the Upper Aero-digestive tract tumors
Francesco Mazzola (IT)

3D reconstruction
Sat Parmar (UK)

New developments in sentinel node biopsy
Remco de Bree (NL)


Saturday 16 March 2019



Keynote lecture 6: Integration of imaging and radiotherapy innovation

Chair: Hans Langendijk (NL) / René Leemans (NL) / Jean-Pascal Machiels (BE)

Speaker: Dave Fuller (US)


Symposium 4: How to improve survivorship?

Chair: Claus Andrup Kristensen (DK)
Chair: Paolo Bossi (IT)

How to make use of the AHNS survivorship guidelines?
Assuntina G. Sacco (US) 

Self-management and eHealth to facilitate supportive care in head and neck cancer patients
Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw (NL)

Discussion: How to improve survivorship: patient’s point of view
Anke Steinbacher (DE)


Coffee break


Proffered papers 3

Chair: Sjoukje Oosting (NL)
Chair: Laura Locati (IT)

Nomogram for cumulative cisplatin dose for LAHNC receiving tri-weekly high-dose cisplatin CCRT
Wang, Ti-Hao (Taiwan)

DAHANCA 28a: Phase I/II study of acc. hyperfractionated RT, cisplatin and nimorazole in p16- LAHNSCC
Saksoe, Mette (Denmark)

Genomic characterization of oral premalignant lesions to identify high-risk molecular clusters
Bossi, Paolo (Italy)

HNSCC in elderly frail patients treated by hafnium oxide nanoparticles activated by IMRT
Hoffmann, Caroline (France)

Are elderly HNSCC patients undertreated?  An analysis of outcomes using the SEER-Medicare database.
Suzuki, Ikumi (USA)

Socioeconomic inequality in head and neck cancer survival – a population-based study from DAHANCA
Olsen, Maja Halgren (Denmark)


Debate 2: This house believes that immunotherapy is going to replace chemotherapy

Chair: Jean-Pascal Machiels (BE)
Chair: Pierre Blanchard (FR)

For the motion: Kevin Harrington (UK)
Against the motion: Sandrine Faivre (FR)

For the motion rebuttal:  Kevin Harrington (UK)
Against the motion rebuttal: Sandrine Faivre (FR)


Concluding remarks / poster award / oral communication award

Hans Langendijk (ESTRO) / René Leemans (EHNS) / Jean-Pascal Machiels (ESMO)