Mobility Grant Application

01 June-31 October, 2017

Application Procedure


Before submitting your application for 2017 TTG Grants, make sure your membership for 2017 is in order.  


To apply for an ESTRO Mobility Grant 4 documents are required:

  1. Your CV (if you are a group make sure to provide one PDF file with all CVs included)
  2. A letter of agreement from your department head, supporting the project and visit.
  3. A letter from the hosting department head, stating acceptance and support of the project and visit.
  4. An Application FORM where an estimate of the expected expenses, accommodation costs and a per diem appropriate for the venue/country visited can be indicated. In the application form, a short, very clear description of your project & the aim of your visit to another department has to be mentioned and provided.

The above documents need to be submitted completed for the application to be taken into account. 

Start uploading your documents HERE

Outcomes from the review committee will be communicated as soon as the selection process has been finalised

Good luck with your applications!