Welcome to the ESTRO Board election page!

The elections for 4 new ESTRO Board members will take place from 25 February to 17 March 2019. The new Board Directors will start their term in April 2019 at ESTRO 38 in Milan.

Only ESTRO members for the years 2018 and 2019 are eligible to vote. 

We are pleased to introduce the candidates for the 2019 Board, and invite you to read their biographies and statements in the links below.


Clinicians (two positions available):

  Alberto Bossi

  Matthias Guckenberger 

  Anna Kirby

  Lena Specht


Physicists (one position available):

  Claudio Fiorino

  Nuria Jornet


Radiobiologists (one position available):

  Kai Rothkamm

  Marc Vooijs