Rotterdam, The Netherlands

GEC-ESTRO workshop 2021

At the end of November 2019 the GEC-ESTRO Workshop was successfully held for the seventh time in Budapest, Hungary. Planned by the GEC-ESTRO Committee and organised by the ESTRO Office, this event has become a hallmark platform for networking with the seven GEC-ESTRO working groups:  

  • Brachy-HERO 
  • Breast 
  • Gastro-intestinal (GI)
  • Gynae 
  • Head, Neck & Skin (HNS)
  • UroGEC

 The 2021 GEC-ESTRO workshop will cover different aspects of brachytherapy with each working group covering a site-specific aspect of the specialty. Besides the scientific part of the workshop, the format of the workshop supports networking and educational activities within and beyond the respective working groups. The intention is to have a multidisciplinary, lively, interactive and low profile meeting, keeping the GEC-ESTRO spirit high. 

The workshop in Budapest was rated favourably, so the aim is to keep the format with parallel and repeating sessions including industry. We also hope to attract RTTs again. So we welcome and encourage you to register and join us at the workshop to be held in Rotterdam, a must for all those with a genuine interest in brachytherapy. Come and learn about our ongoing projects and take the opportunity of networking with like-minded brachytherapy enthusiasts.

Please note that this year again, the working groups will have smaller satellite meetings, which will be held either before or after the workshop. If you would like to attended any of these satellite meetings for the first time and provide your input, we encourage you to contact the working group leaders via


Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark

K.P. Van Der Mandelelaan 150
3062 MB
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Take a look at the Programme to see the schedule.


Exhibition, sponsoring and advertising

2021 GEC-ESTRO Workshop presents the opportunity for exhibitors to:    

  • Showcase the company's products and services
  • Network with decision makers and experts in the field
  • Participate in the scientific programme and gain insight into the projects carried out by the GEC-ESTRO  community and capture scientific developments.

Sponsoring opportunities can be found here.

For bookings, please click here.

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Contact person
Hande Van Gestel
Exhibition Project Manager