Carsten Brink



Professor Carsten Brink holds MSc in physics and was awarded his PhD in physics from Aarhus University in Denmark in 1996. He was first a research assistant at Aahus University before becoming a medical physicist at the Laboratory of Radiation Physics, Department of Oncology, Odense University Hospital. Currently Carsten Brink is professor in Radiation Physics at University of Southern Denmark, SDU. He also holds a Diploma degree in Economy, Management and Organisations within the Health Sector (2006). The research group headed by Carsten Brink has a strong focus on extracting biological information from medical images such as PET, CT and CBCT images and more lately also MR images; part of this work has been related to ways to improve image quality in particular of CBCT images. Also tumor control and toxicity modelling based on prospective and retrospective data and full 3D dose distributions have been active research fields for a long time. Carsten Brink also has a strong interest in statistics and has been the senior person in a many statistical analyses and power calculations for clinical trials.\nLately the research group has used a lot of resources in preparation for the Elekta Unity MR linac to go live. The hope is that use of daily MR images could be a major source of biological image information with the potential to predict the patient individual toxicity profile during RT, such that the treatment can be adapted accordingly.\nCarsten Brink has been co-author of 85 peer-reviewed articles.