Vania Batista



Vania Batista is Medical Physicist at the Radiation Therapy Department at the Heidelberg University Hospital. She earned her Master degree in Physics Engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon (2008), a Master in Medical Physics at the Heidelberg University (2016), and her Doctoral degree in Medical physics also at the Medical Faculty of the Heidelberg University (2018). She worked as photon-radiotherapy and brachytherapy Medical Physicist in Portugal between 2009 and 2013, moving afterward to Germany, where she specialized in particle therapy and motion management techniques (2013-2016). Since 2016 she is working in photon-radiotherapy and keeps her main research interests in motion management and image-guided radiotherapy. She was co-chair of the ESTRO physics Workshop in 2019 about Surface-Guided Radiotherapy (SGRT) and is since then member of the European SGRT Working Group.