Thomas Brunner



Thomas Brunner is the Director of the University Hospital for Radiation Therapy Graz, Austria. He studied medicine in Erlangen and Rennes, France. He was trained in radiotherapy in Erlangen by Rolf Sauer. During a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, he studied molecular mechanisms of radiation sensitivity of pancreatic cancer in Eric Bernhard’s lab. He then moved on to Oxford where he served as Honorary Consultant and also led a research group at the University of Oxford at the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology directed by Gillies McKenna to study the interaction of tumor cells with the tumor milieu. After returning to Germany, he became vice chair at the Department of Radiation Therapy of the University Hospital Freiburg led by Anca Grosu before being appointed as head of the Department of Radiotherapy at the University of Magdeburg in 2017. In 2022, he was appointed Head of the Dept. of Radiation Oncology at Graz Medical University. His focus is gastrointestinal radiation oncology, especially pancreatic cancer and liver tumors spanning from preclinical research all the way to SBRT.