Umberto Ricardi



Dr. Ricardi is currently Full Professor and Chairman of Radiation Oncology at University of Turin, Italy. Dr. Ricardi is currently Dean of School of Medicine at University of Turin. He is also serving as Director of the Department of Oncology at Health and Science Academic Hospital in Turin. Dr. Ricardi’s main areas of clinical and scientific interest include lymphoma, lung cancer, CNS tumors. He is also an expert in the development of cutting edge technologies in Radiation Oncology. Dr. Ricardi has authored more than 300 full research papers, and participated as invited speaker in a number of national and international conferences. He is active in many educational activities, both at national and international level. Dr. Ricardi is member of numerous national and international scientific societies. Dr. Ricardi is member of the Steering Committee of ILROG (International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group). Dr. Ricardi is member of ART (Advanced RadioTherapy) Committee of IASLC. Dr. Ricardi is currently Past-President of ESTRO (European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology)