Charlotte Coles

United Kingdom


Charlotte Coles is Professor of Breast Cancer Clinical Oncology and Deputy Head of Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge. Her research aims are to provide breast cancer patients with the best chance of cure with least side effects by personalising radiation techniques based on risk of recurrence. She is currently Chief Investigator of 5 clinical trials with linked translational research: 1. IMPORT LOW: phase III randomised trial (RCT) investigating intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and partial breast radiotherapy in patients at low risk of recurrence – in follow up: 2018 patients recruited; 71 UK centres 2. IMPORT HIGH: phase III RCT investigating dose-escalated IMRT for patients at higher risk of recurrence - in follow up: 2617 patients recruited; 77 UK centres 3. PRIMETIME: prospective cohort investigating post-operative avoidance of radiotherapy in minimal risk women: patient selection using biomarkers – open: 62 UK centres to date 4. NEO-RT: feasibility study investigating pre-operative breast IMRT in patients receiving neo-adjuvant hormonal treatment – open: 3 UK centres 5. PARABLE: Proton beAm theRApy in patients with Breast cancer: evaluating early and Late-Effects, phase III randomised trial (RCT) – in set up Charlotte Coles is lead for Cancer Research UK Radnet-Cambridge Radiation Research Centre of Excellence: She a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research Professor focusing on risk-adapted breast radiation therapy: She was Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Oncology journal 2015-21: She is Lead for the Lancet Commission for Breast Cancer.