György Kovács



Professor György Kovács M.D., Ph.D ., Sen.hon. After studies at the Medical University of Szeged/Hungary, in 1977, he was a resident at the Municipal Centre of Radiotherapy in Budapest/Hungary. 1984-87 research fellow of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at the Oncology Research Centre of the German Academy of Sciences and completed his academic thesis in "Fast neutron treatment of salivary gland tumors." 1989-91 AvH Foundation research fellowship at the WWU Radiotherapy Department, Münster/Germany. 1991-2005 he received a full radiotherapy professorship at the CAU Kiel/Germany and led the Interdisciplinary Brachytherapy Centre. 2005 - 2019 full professor in radiotherapy at the University of Lübeck/Germany and leading the Interdisciplinary Brachytherapy Unit. Since 2016, Educational Program Director at Gemelli – INTERACTS, UCSC Rome, Italy. He was GEC- ESTRO Chairman (2008-2010), leader of the GEC-ESTRO H&N and Skin WG (2010-2018); Director ESTRO-EAU Interdisciplinary Prostate Brachytherapy Teaching Course (1992-2012); ESTRO-ACROP board member (2013-2018); ESTRO-APAC Executive Board Member (2016); first Chairman of the DEGRO Brachytherapy Group, Germany (1992-2008). Scientific prizes: "Strebel-Medal" (German-speaking Radiotherapy Societies, 2003), "Iris Fischer Memorial Lecture Award" (Yale University/ USA, 2009), "Samir Desai Oration Lecture Award" (Indian Brachytherapy Society, 2014), "Elis Berven Lecture Award" (Swedish Oncology Society, 2017), "ESTRO Lifetime Achievement Award" (2019), and the "GEC-ESTRO Iridium Award" (2023). He is an honorary member of the Hungarian- (2010), Belgian- (2011), and Pakistan (2018) Radiotherapy Societies and of the Indian Brachytherapy Society (2022), as well as "Senator honoris causa" of the University of Szeged/Hungary (2014). He published more than 300 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals (h-factor 36) and is a member of several journals Editorial Boards.