Ludwig Van den Berghe



Ludwig is a passionate nurse who has been active in the field of radiotherapy for more than 20 years. In addition to his role as head nurse, he is very focused on education and training. The situation in Belgium remains very difficult in this area and he is trying, together with other colleagues, to embed training for RTTs at national level. He was the first RTT in Belgium to initiate nursing consultations. An important new role that gives a lot of satisfaction. He also plays an important role as a wound care specialist and can contribute to new guidelines. He is the chairman of the Flemish Association of nurses working in the field of Radiotherapy and Oncology. He is the first representative of the ESTRO RTT Alliance, a task he has been carrying out for five years. He previously worked with Felipe De Moura, currently with Ilja Curic. Ludwig is also a member of the RTT Committee and the National Societies Committee. The many contacts with colleagues from all over the world are experienced as super.