Pierre Montay-Gruel



Bio: - Radiobiology team leader, Iridium Netwerk, GZA hospital, Universiteit Antwerpen Center for Oncological Research, Antwerp (Belgium) - PhD in radiobiology - Université de Lausanne (Switzerland), Université Paris Saclay (France) - MEd biology and biochemistry - MSc cancer and radiobiology Research Focus: As team leader of the radiobiology group at the University of Antwerp, my main research focuses on radiation-induced normal tissue toxicity and cancer treatment by radiotherapy. My group performs both fundamental and translational research in order to decipher the response mechanisms of normal tissue and tumors to ionizing radiations. We are currently focusing on a new radiotherapy paradigm called "FLASH-RT" based on the delivery of ultra-high dose rate irradiation and that brings new challenges in radiobiology. Our work aims at deciphering the biological mechanisms underlying the FLASH effect (DDR, cell cycle, cell death, immune response, vascular response...) on preclinical normal tissue and tumor models (breast, skin, pancreas), along with preparing its clinical translation.