Jaap Zindler

The Netherlands


Jaap Zindler, MD, phd, is 39 years old, married, and has 2 children. He is a radiation-oncologist at the Erasmus MC Rotterdam and the Holland Proton Therapy Center Delft, The Netherlands. Previously he has worked for 5 years as a radiation-oncologist in MAASTRO Clinic Maastricht and acquired his phd in 2017. His clinical focus is the treatment of head & neck- and brain tumors, both with photon as with proton therapy. He has published 23 peer reviewed articles also in high impact journals, such as the Journal of National Cancer Institute. He is the initiator and principle investigator of a phase III randomized trial in which the palliative value of whole brain radiotherapy is compared with stereotactic radiosurgery in patients with 4 up to 10 brain metastases. He has reviewed articles for JAMA Oncology, Radiotherapy & Oncology, and Journal of Thoracic Oncology. His main research focus is integration of both radiosurgery as proton therapy in mutlimodality treatments, especially in the setting of brain metastases and head & neck cancer.