Beate Timmermann



Beate Timmermann is a radiation oncologist with particular interest in CNS tumors, soft tissue/osseous sarcomas, and pediatric malignancies. Her special focus is on late effects and quality of life, modern conformal radiation techniques and proton beam therapy. After completing her medical degree at University of Hamburg, Germany, she specialized in radiation oncology at the Medical University of Tübingen, Germany. She received the doctor’s degree, completed her specialization, and worked in the national reference center for radiation oncology in the German pediatric brain tumor studies. Afterwards, she moved to Switzerland and launched the pediatric proton therapy program at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen. She qualified as an associate professor at the University Münster, Germany and took over the position of the vice medical director of the proton therapy center at the PSI. Since 2009, she joined the West German Proton Therapy Center Essen (WPE) and prepared the project for clinical operation. Today, Beate Timmermann has a full professorship for Particle Therapy at the University Duisburg-Essen and is the medical head of the WPE. She is Speaker of the consortium for reference radiotherapy in German Pediatric Brain Tumor Study Group (HIT Network) and reference radiation therapist of various interdisciplinary studies (CWS, osteosarcomas, EUROEwing 2008, brain tumor studies of the GPOH, neuroblastoma study, retinoblastoma registry, malignant endocrine tumors).