Philipp Scherer



After joining the radiotherapy team at the university clinic for radiotherapy and radiooncology of the Privat Medical University Salzburg in the County Hospital Salzburg (Austria) in 2005 I became lead RTT of the team on the treatment floor and work as such since 2007. As immediate past speaker of the “ÖGRO ARGE RT” I was representing the RTTs within the Austrian Society for Radiooncology, Radiobiology and Radiation physics until 2019. Furthermore, I'm current regional representative and immediate past Radiotherapy representative in rtaustia – the joined Austrian Society for radiographers, Radiation Therapist and nuclear medicine technologists. Within ESTRO, my main current duties are to chair the RTT committee, being member of the scientific council and ACROP – the committee within ESTRO responsible for guidelines. Additionally, I'm member of the IORT task force and support tipsRO as member of the editorial board. My main research interests are IGRT and ART, ultrasound in IGRT, positioning and immobilization, stereotactic radiotherapy, as well as radiotherapy for prostate cancer and IORT.