OAR Head and Neck Cancer


[ Contouring workshop ]
[ Central European Time ]

This course is aimed primarily at trainee radiation oncologists, radiation therapists as well as experienced radiation and medical oncologists who want to update their clinical knowledge regarding head and neck organs at risk (OAR) delineation.  The course aims to be interactive through integration of lectures focused on OAR delineation (such as mouth, spinal cord, parotid and submandibular glands...) while comparing the contours from the participants and those from experts in the field. Moreover, the aim of this course is to present consensus guidelines for CT based delineation of a set of OARs in the head and neck region that are considered most relevant for radiotherapy practice.


These online delineation workshops are aimed at junior clinical or radiation oncologists who want to improve their contouring skills or at more senior specialists who want to refresh and validate their knowledge and skills in this field.

  •   Jon Caciedo
  •   Olwen Leaman
  • 11 February 2020 - 18.00-20.00 CET (Central European Time)
  • 18 February 2020 - 18.00-20.00 CET (Central European Time)

Before the workshop, pre-workshop homework will be sent out that needs to be completed before the workshop. This will be accompanied with prerecorded instructions how to use Falcon Educase and how to logon for the first session with WebEx. This will be sent one week before the first workshop lesson. On the first online lesson the faculty members will give a guideline presentation, and will review and comment your pre-workshop contours. Participants are requested to contour the case the second time based on the taught guidelines. On the second online lesson the faculty members will compare the first and the second submitted contours to the reference contours and generally comment on the delineations.


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Registration fees

In training members 100 EUR
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Non-members 250 EUR

If online registration is not possible please contact us:   
Tel.: +32 2 775 93 39  - E-mail: education@estro.org


A registration to the online workshop maybe cancelled without any fees before pre-workshop homework is sent out. Pre-workshop homework is sent out a week before the first workshop lesson. After the pre-workshop homework is sent out, no refunds for registrations is possible.

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