Lifetime Achievement Award 

  • Gyorgy Kovacs 

  • Riccardo Calandrino 

  • Ekkehard Dikomey 

  • Christian Carrie

Friday 26 April | 17:45-18:45 | Gold Plenary

ESTRO Award Lectures and Academic Awards

Claudius Regaud award Lecture 
Is fractionation history?
Dirk De Ruysscher (The Netherlands)
Sunday 28 April | from 12:30 to 13:00 | Gold Plenary

Klaus Breur Award Lecture 
A stroll in Rome together
Vincenzo Valentini (Italy)
Monday 29 April| from 12:00 to 12:30 | Gold Plenary

Emmanuel van der Schueren Award Lecture 
Learning from clinical practice: pushing quality forward
NĂºria Jornet (Spain)
Saturday 27 April| from 12:00 to 12:30 | Gold Plenary

Jens Overgaard Legacy Award 
Back to the future, a tale of volumes 
Philip Poortmans (France)
Sunday 28 April | from 17:40-18:00 | Gold Plenary

GEC-ESTRO Iridium 192 Award 
The role of women in the brachytherapy field 
Christine Haie-Meder (France) 
Saturday 27 April| from 12:30 to 13:00 | Gold Plenary

Honorary Members award lectures 

Multidisciplinary approaches as the keys to defeat lung cancer 
Giorgio Scagliotti (Italy) 
Saturday 27 April| from 17:35 to 17:50 | Gold Plenary

Are radiation specialists good global cancer citizens? 
Julie Torode (Switzerland) 
Saturday 27 April| from 17:50 to 18:05| Gold Plenary

Putting down the scalpel. The evolution of rectal cancer treatment. 
Angelita Habr-Gama (Brazil) 
Saturday 27 April| from 18:05-18:20 | Gold Plenary

Precision medicine – an opportunity for medical physics and radiation oncology 
Matthias Guckenberger (Switzerland) 
Sunday 28 April | from 18:00-18:20 | Gold Plenary

Donald Hollywood award lecture 

Stem cell sparing IMRT for head and neck cancer patients: a double-blind randomized controlled trial 
Roel Steenbakkers (The Netherlands) 
Monday 29 April| from 17:40 to 17:50 | Gold Plenary

Academic award: Jack Fowler University of Wisconsin Award 

First clinical real-time motion-including tumour dose reconstruction during radiotherapy delivery 
Simon Skouboe (Denmark) 
Monday 29 April| from 12:30 to 12:40 | Gold Plenary 

Company awards overview

ESTRO-Elekta Brachytherapy Award 
Bi-objective optimization of dosimetric indices for HDR prostate brachytherapy within 
30 seconds 
Anton Bouter (The Netherlands) 
Sunday 28 April | from 16:25-16:35 | Brown 2

ESTRO-Varian Award 
Distributed learning on 20 000+ lung cancer patients 
Timo Deist and Frank Dankers (The Netherlands) 
Monday 29 April| from 12:40 to 12:50 | Gold Plenary

GEC-ESTRO Best junior presentation – sponsored by Elekta Brachytherapy 
Clinical outcomes of focal salvage high-dose-rate brachytherapy for radiorecurrent 
prostate cancer 
Max Peters (The Netherlands) 
Sunday 28 April | from 11:00-11:10 | Brown 2