At ESTRO 2022 in Copenhagen, ESTRO will be offering 5 different contouring workshops in a hybrid format. Participants are able to join either onsite or virtually through a Zoom session.  For each workshop a pre-workshop homework is sent out about a week before the session. Workshops are recorded and a copy of the recording and the works material is given to all registered participants.  Participants will also have access to the contouring case for a month after the workshop.

This year each of the workshops will have only one workshop lesson that will not be repeated during the other congress days.

To register for a contouring workshop please select the contouring workshop of your choice as an ''add-on" in your registration.

Friday 6 May | 10.30-12.30 CEST

Faculty: Jerome Durand-Labrunie (France) and Ganesh Radhakrishna (United Kingdom)

Summary: Radiation therapy to liver lymph nodes is complex due to the proximity to organs at risk and respiratory motion. We will discuss during this workshop: the techniques available for motion management and radiotherapy delivering, the possible dose and fractionation regimens, and the precautions to be taken for treatment planning.

Friday 6 May | 16.00-18.00 CEST

Faculty: Ahmed Salem (Jordan)

Summary: Lung Cancer Re-Irradiation is a comprehensive case-based workshop aimed to promote evidence-based practice in lung cancer re-irradiation. The course aims to reduce variability and inconsistency in delineation. It is a workshop that will offer an opportunity to learn tricks and tips from professionals who will discuss challenges and considerations for lung cancer re-irradiation.

Saturday 7 May | 14.30-16.30 5 CEST

Faculty: Piet Dirix (Belgium) and Alan Dal Pra (United States)

Summary: Innovations in radiation techniques could establish “moderate” hypofractionation as a new standard. Recently, “extreme” hypofractionation was recognized as a valid alternative in selected patients. Arguably, such SBRT treatments will form the future of prostate cancer radiation therapy. We will discuss the current level of evidence and current indications, differences in delineations and conclude with planning and image-guided delivery.

Sunday 8 May | 08.00-10.00 CEST

Faculty: José Luis López Guerra (Spain) and Ahmed Salem (Jordan)

Summary: The small cell lung cancer (SCLC) workshop (WS) is an educational and enjoyable WS that will help you to understand the caveats of SCLC contouring as well as prophylactic cranial irradiation delineation with hippocampal sparing and how to overcome those caveats with anatomical knowledge and contouring guidelines. 

Sunday 8 May | 14.30-16.30 CEST

Faculty: Elizabeth Forde (Ireland) and Andrew Hope (Canada)

Summary: This concise, interactive workshop focusses on examining some of the uncertainties we face in treatment planning and delivery.  Using the FALCON EduCase platform, we will consider the impact of delineation uncertainties on plan quality.  This will then be balanced with a discussion of challenging cases we may see as RTTs when performing image matching at the machines incorporating insights from each patient’s treatment plan.