FALCON (Fellowship in Anatomic Delineation and Contouring) is the multifunctional ESTRO platform for contouring and delineation. For ESTRO 2020 we will be offering three virtual workshops.


Thursday 12 November | 18:00-20:00

Faculty: Silvia Cammelli and Letizia Cavallini

Brain/CNS Cancer

Thursday 19 November | 18:00-20:00

Faculty: Sarah Jefferies

OAR Head and Neck

Thursday 24 November | 18:00-20:00

Faculty: Ana Rita Simoes and Jon Cacicedo and Olwen Leaman


Target Audience

The delineation workshops are aimed at junior clinical or radiation oncologists who want to improve their contouring skills or at more senior specialists who want to refresh and validate their knowledge and skills in this field.  The OAR workshops are especially targeted at RTT who contour in their clinical work.


Structure of the Workshop

  • Preworkshop contouring workshop sent a week before the virtual workshop session

  • Virtual workshop session of two hours

    • Presentation of the delineation guidelines

    • Comment of participants’ contours and comparison to the reference contours

    • Discussion between participants and experts



FALCON workshops have been organised at ESTRO congresses since 2010 and have been growing steadily in popularity.

Attending a FALCON workshop offers the opportunity for individual professionals to:

  • Validate their contouring practice during workshops by comparing them with those from experts and other participants

  • Learn the guidelines and best practices proposed by the experts

  • Discuss with experts and panellists

  • Communicate and use the delineation guidelines to further integrate them into your daily practice.