ESTRO/ESMIT course on molecular imaging and radiation oncology

10-13 April, 2017
Bordeaux, France


The course is aimed at senior residents or young specialists in radiation oncology, nuclear medicine or radiology, who intend to expand their knowledge and skills in the use of molecular imaging methods for radiation oncology.


Course directors
Ursula Nestle, Radiation Oncologist, Freiburg University (DE) 
Wouter Vogel, Nuclear Medicine Physician, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam (NL)

Vicky Goh, Radiologist, St. Thomas Hospital, London (UK) 
Anne Laprie, Radiation Oncologist, Claudius Regaud Institute, Toulouse (FR) 
Frank Pameijer, Radiologist, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht (NL)
Maria Picchio, Nuclear Medicine Physician, San Raffaele Scientific Institution, Milano (IT) 
Daniela Thorwarth, Phycisist, Tübingen University Hospital, Tübingen (DE)
Uulke van de Heide, Physicist, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam (NL) 

Contouring administrator 
Oliver Oehlke, Radiation Oncologist, Freiburg University, Freiburg (DE)

Local organiser
Guy Kantor, Radiation Oncologist, Institut Bergonié, Bordeaux


The applications of molecular imaging (MI) for treatment selection, target definition and response evaluation in radiation oncology are increasing. This advanced course, jointly organised by ESTRO and ESMIT (European School of Multimodality Imaging and Therapy), aims at providing the participants with profound knowledge and skills to deal with chances and challenges in the use of MI methods in all fields of radiation oncology.